Matfer Flour Tools And Decoration Tools — CulinaryCookware Matfer Bourgeat - Flour / Decoration Tools Matfer has all your flour work and pastry tools scoups, sieves, cake stands, combs, cutters, bakers blades and so much more at incredible prices from Experts in Matfer and the complete catalog of Matfer Products. Since 2002, we know Matfer Bourgeat.


Matfer Flour Tools And Decoration Tools

Flour Tools And Decoration Tools

  • Matfer Bourgeat - Flour / Decoration Tools- ,CAKE SHOVEL to ease handling of a whole cake or pizza,DOUGH DECORATOR MATFER,FLOUR SCOOP,FLOUR SIEVE,HEAVY REVOLVING CAKE STAND,he ideal tool to decorate cakes without handling.HEAVY ROUND FLAT SIEVE,ICING COMB,To create a pattern on icing.PASTRY TRAY,PIE MARKER,To mark your cakes or pies for perfectly cut portions.RECTANGULAR COOLING RACK,REVOLVING DECORATING TRAY,Cakes are easy to decorate with this tool, by a simple turn of the revolving top.REVOLVING TRAY,To decorate your cakes without handling.ROUND COOLING RACK,SET OF 3 SIEVES METAL MESH,TIERED CAKE DISPLAY - PUZZLE,

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