Matfer Bourgeat Mozaik Concept collection of specialty frames, cutters and molds

Mozaik - a collection of specialty frames, cutters and molds 

MOZAÏK and their cutters revisit the presentation of great classic pastry.

Thanks to the adapted cutters, the dough is exactly cut to realize pastry bases in sharp contours and in edges of regular thickness. The advantages: the realization of individual colored finds for tastes more subtle – chocolate dough , pistachios color dough will give an upscale character to your desserts. 

Log Frame “Letter to Santa Clause” Stainless Steel

Log Frame ‘Lingot’ Stainless Steel

Mozaïk Decoration Triangle Cutter/Tart Base Cutter/Placeholder

Mozaïk Finger Tartlet Mold

Mozaïk Finger Tartlet Oval Mold

Mozaïk Tartlet Oval Mold

Mozaïk Rectangular Tart Cutter

Mozaïk Tart Square Mold


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