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MATFER Bread and Pastry Tools - Select a Category

Matfer Pastry Tools - Matfer is world renowned for its attention to the finest in Commercial Pastry Tools - Made in France. Pastry Cutters: Exoglas pastry cutter, Round Fluted pastry cutter, Round pastry cutter, Oval pastry cutters, Pastry cutter sets, Square pastry cutter, Tart cutter, Pizza cutter, Hart shaped pastry & dough cutter, Vol-au-vent puff pastry cutter set, Shortbread pastry cutter, Jelly cutters, Truffle cutters, Rolling Croissant cutter, Lattice dough cutter, Adjustable dough cutter, Stainless Steel dough cutter, Bakers Blades, Universal Adjusting dough cutter, Pic Vite Roller Docker, Guitar Wire Candy & Cake Slicer.Flour Tools & Decoration: Flour Sieves, Wire Mesh Sieves, Nylon Mesh Sieves, Chocolate Forks, Ginger Bread Stencil set, Icing Comb, Icing Ruler, Sugar Work Blow Torch, Sugar Pump for Blown Sugar, Plastic Flowers to imprint Pulled Sugar, Bronze Magyfleurs Flowers for Sugar or Chocolate Flowers, Sculpting Knives for Decorating Fruit & Vegetables, Marzipan Sculpting Set,.Presentation & Service: 12 portion Cake Cutter, 16 portion Cake Cutter, 7 tier vertical Cake Display rack, Round Wire Cooling Racks, Square Wire Cooling Racks, Pastry Brushes: Flat pastry brushes, Flat Silk pastry brushes, Round Silk pastry brushes,