Torchio Maintenance


Torchio maintenance:

Never machine wash or fully submerge the Torchio in water. Always spot wash by hand. It is best to clean the Torchio and dies directly after use so the pasta dough does not dry up. It is much easier to clean the Torchio and dies while the dough is still fresh. 

To clean, remove the die ring and die. Clean the inside of the Torchio dough chamber with warm water and a soft to medium brush. Once all the dough is off you can apply a few drops of white vinegar on a towel and use the towel to clean the inside of the dough chamber. 

You can clean the threads of the die ring also with a brush and warm water. 

Remove as much dough as possible from the die by hand and then with a metal pick of wooden dowel. Be sure to never insert the pick or dowel from the front of the die and only from the rear (the side that the pasta dough enters through). When you have removed as much dough as possible, place the die in a plastic container such as a Tupperware container filled with water so the die soaks in the water overnight. We recommend one container per die so the dies don’t bump into each other and get damaged. Add a few drops of white vinegar

The next day you can try to get all the remaining dough out with the tools. Only store the dies dry when all the pasta dough is out.

When you’re ready to extrude, we suggest warming up the die and the die holder by running them both under warm water. Pasta always flows better when the bronze is warm.