" /> Matfer Bourgeat Apple/Pear Divider, 8 slices

Apple/Pear Divider - 8 Slices (Matfer Bourgeat)

Apple/Pear Divider - 8 slices - Apple/Pear Divider - 8 slices Stainless steel Blades And Rubber Coated Handles. In One Push This Tool Cores The Fruit. . Cuts It In 8 Uniform Parts.
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APPLE/PEAR DIVIDER - 8 slices APPLE/PEAR DIVIDER - 8 slices 215315


Speed up your kitchen work with the Matfer Bourgeat 8-slice Apple/Pear Divider! This device quickly and easily chops your fresh fruit into 8 perfect slices - no more slicing by hand! Plus, it's easy to use, dishwasher safe and made with a durable stainless steel construction, ensuring long-lasting performance you can count on.


  • APPLE/PEAR DIVIDER - 8 slices

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