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Pie Portion Markers (Matfer Bourgeat)

Pie Marker - To Mark Your Cakes Or Pies For Perfectly Cut Portions. Less Waste And Less Mess.
Country Flag Country of origin: Germany
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Pie marker: 12/18 portions Pie marker: 12/18 portions 154052

 This Matfer Bourgeat Cake Portion Marker can be used to create perfectly sized slices on round cakes or pies, in professional and home kitchens alike. This is a way to create perfect portions that will avoid waste, mess, and unnecessary time judging measurements when slicing your desserts. This marker comes in three sizes, each sold separately. Made in France, this marker is made of a lightweight, durable, food grade plastic that is designed with two handles to easily set it atop your creations without causing a mess.


  • Pie marker: 12/18 portions

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