Bourgeat Copper Cookware Sets

MATFER BOURGEAT Copper Cookware Sets

  • The finest cookware made in France - Bourgeat. An 8 piece and 13 piece copper cookware set There are many selections in the Bourgeat copper cookware line. From saucepans to casseroles and frypans, each item offers flared that provide non-drip pouring. Cast iron handles are slow to heat up and are arched for extra leverage. Bourgeat is considered the finest copperware for a reason. And even though you may find some minor imperfections in the make of the pans (they are handmade), their performance is never compromised. Bourgeat copper pots are found in 80-percent of all the restaurants in France. In The pots' copper body is 2.5 mm thick and permanently bonded to a thin layer of 18/10 stainless steel. Both the insides and outsides of the pot are polished to a fine finish. The work is handcrafted in France, so when you invest in Bourgeat copper, it's almost like buying a piece of art! THE PREMIUM RANGE OF PANS FOR COOKING Combining the optimum heat conductivity of copper with the easy clean properties of a stainless steel interior. TOP FEATURES 1. Smooth copper exterior. 2. Stainless steel interior, no re-tinning required. 3. Cast iron handle. 4. For use on all hobs except induction. 5. Straight overturn non-drip edge. Made of high quality copper with stainless steel lining. Matfer Bourgeat 


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