Matfer Tart and Ring Molds

Ring Molds

  • Matfer Ring Molds - ADJUSTABLE TART RING,FLAN RING,Bottomless mold for baking of various simple pastries, such as pastry shell or sponge cake, directly on cookie sheet.FLOWER TART RING. For your thinner crusts, baked directly on a cookie sheet.HEART SHAPED RING,HIGH FLOWER RING. Gives a delicate flower shape to cake crusts.HIGH MOUSSE RING,ICE CAKE RING. layered ice cakes.MOUSSE RING. For layered and sponge cakes.PARTY BREAD RING. Bakes high country breads to use as serving bowls for dips.PASTRY RIBBON - designed to ease the unmolding of your entremets, mousses and charlottes or any cold pastry preparation.PLAIN TART RING, PYRAMID BASE,RING NONNETTE. Small frame for individual cakes or mousse.ROUND BOTTOMLESS RING. ROUND RING. SMALL FLAN RING .TART RING. flans, crusts, tarts.VALENTINE HEART RING. Matfer Bourgeat 

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