Matfer Bourgeat Fruit / Vegetable Tools Slicers, corers, zesters, stoners, slicers and decorating knives at incredible prices from the Matfer store USA. Experts in Matfer and the complete catalog of Matfer Bourgeat Products. Since 2002, we know Matfer Bourgeat.


Fruit Tools And Vegetable slicers, corers and presses Matfer Bourgeat

Fruit Tools And Vegetable Tools

  • Matfer Fruit / Vegetable Tools - Apple Peeler, Ric Apple peeler, Potato peeler, Double peeler for vegetables.Double Vegetable corer, Round corer, Oval corer, Fluted corer, Heart shaped corer, Apple corer, Pineapple corer, Fruit Decorator Knife, Chestnut Peeler, Lemon Decorator Knife, Grapefruit Knife, Deco Zester, Curler, Radish Decorator -slices & leaves, Radish Garland cutter, Mushroom Slicer, Heavy Duty Apple & Pear Divider/Corer, Westmark Garlic Press, Commercial Tomato Slicer, Mandolins, Spiral Vegetable Slicer, Pickle Slicer, Truffle Slicer, Cherry Stoner, Olive Stoner, Matfer Bourgeat 

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