Matfer Bourgeat Meat And Pate Molds — CulinaryCookware Matfer Bourgeat Meat And Pate Molds at incredible prices from the Matfer store USA. Experts in Matfer and the complete catalog of Matfer Bourgeat Products. Since 2002, we know Matfer Bourgeat.


Matfer Bourgeat Meat And Pate Molds

Meat And Pate Molds

  • Matfer Meat / Pate Molds - Matfer factories have been producing premium quality products since 1814. Matfer headquarters its operation in Paris with factories in Normandie, the Western region of France. The corporation has been in the same family for five generations, insuring stability in production and commercial strategy....Matfer produces the largest variety of molds in the world, the result of continuous research done to enhance the quality of our products. Two prime examples are the composite plastic Exoglass and new non-stick P.T.F.E. We continually endeavor to achieve innovative cooking concepts, creating the most durable and hygienic products on the market anywhere in the world today. Matfer is by far the leading manufacturer of select kitchen equipment in Europe and now has offices and warehouses in the United States to serve your business needs. Matfer Bourgeat 

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