Stackable Mousse Frame Individually or as a complete set - Matfer

Stackable Mousse Frame

  • Sold Individually or as a complete set. The set is as follows 1 base in 18/10 stainless steel, with special notches, overall sizes 18” x 13” or 18” x 26”. 3 stackable frames made of aluminum of different heights: 3/8” (yellow), 5/8” (red) and 3/4” (black). Total height fully assembled: 1 3/4”. Net interior dimension: Length 22 1/2” x width 14 1/2”. Procedure after having filled the first frame on the special base with mousse or pastry cream: Smooth with a ruler, and chill. Put the second frame on, fill it with the second flavor, smooth again, and chill. Repeat the procedure for the third flavor. Freeze whole if necessary and uniform. You achieve mousses ready to cut, with perfectly uniform layers while reducing production time. You can also intercalate layers of sponge cake in the assembly of the entremet. The frame may also be used to produce the perfect size sheet of ganache, praline, or fruit paste, which could be cut with the guitar. Matfer Bourgeat 


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