Matfer Bourgeat Bread Pans

Matfer Bourgeat Bread Pans

  • Matfer Bread Pans Of All Types. Embossed aluminum, Bread Pan with Cover, Flared Bread Pan, Nonstick bread loaf pan, French bread baguette pan and our small bread pan with cover that makes round brioche or breads for canapes or tea sandwiches. The advantage of using this piece of equipment is that it will produce an even, round bread.

  • Exclusive to Matfer, Exoglass® are the most general-purpose molds. THE NEW GENERATION OF MOLDS BAKEWARE & PASTRY IN COMPOSITE MATERIAL USABLE FROM -4º F TO 482º F This material gives regular coloring of preparations, and excellent heat diffusion for the most complex recipes. Extra heat resistant,  keeps its original shape and will not lose it’s form. Natural non-stick surface for easy removal and in most cases, no greasing. Dishwasher safe.

    EXOPAN® MOLDS Fine steel with a nonstick coating inside and protective enamel outside. Ideal for cooking pastry, the Exopan® combines the quality of cooking in tinplate with the simplicity of use of a nonstick surface . The fineness of the steel contributes to the overall development of product color.

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