Guison Stainless Paella Pans - Matfer Bourgeat

Guison Stainless Paella Pans Made in Spain

  • Paella Valenciana Polished and Induction This product has been created to be used with gas fire and / or wood. Never fire the empty container. Avoid overheating it and control the intensity of the fire at all times. If using the pan in the oven, does not exceed 250 º C (482 º F) or 10 minutes. Do not use in microwave. You can use stainless steel utensils and wood. Plastics are not recommended since use of such parts is generally higher temperatures than usual. In use, all parts of the product will be hot. The Induction paella can be used on all heating hobs, fire induction, oven and electric. Matfer Bourgeat 

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