Matfer Bourgeat Baking Sheets

Matfer Bourgeat Baking Sheets

  • Matfer Baking Sheets Made in France for commercial use specifications - Embossed French bread pan sheet bakes six baguettes, Black Steel baking sheets, Lady Finger baking sheet mold, Madeleine baking sheet molds, Tuiles sheet mold, Aluminum baking sheets, Silpain, Silpat and Silform Molds Non stick pans from Demarle France. Innovation in bakery accessories. Many Exopan and Exal non stick baking sheets available for all your requirements.

  • EXOPAN® Fine steel with a nonstick coating inside and protective enamel outside. Ideal for cooking pastry, the Exopan® combines the quality of cooking in tinplate with the simplicity of use of a nonstick surface . The fineness of the steel contributes to the overall development of product color.

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