About CulinaryCookware and Matfer Bourgeat | CulinaryCookware Matfer Bourgeat USA Frequently Asked Matfer Bourgeat Questions: 1.) Who is CulinaryCookware.com ? 2.) Who are the Matfer Bourgeat Group of Companies? 3.) Why buy Matfer Bourgeat products? 4.) Is Matfer Bourgeat made for home users? 1.) Who is CulinaryCookware.com? CulinaryCookware.com!

About CulinaryCookware and Matfer Bourgeat






Matfer Bourgeat USA


Frequently Asked Matfer Bourgeat Questions:

1.) Who is CulinaryCookware.com ?

2.) Who are the Matfer Bourgeat Group of Companies?

3.) Why buy Matfer Bourgeat products?

4.) Is Matfer Bourgeat made for home users?


1.) Who is CulinaryCookware.com?

CulinaryCookware.com - Authorized Matfer distributor since 2003.

Find us on the Matfer Distributor website link Where to Buy

We have the honor of being the largest single office distributor of Matfer Bourgeat products in North America for the past 21 years.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, communication and customer service.

We offer the Entire Matfer USA Catalogue to restaurants, bakeries, institutions, hotels and the public at large,

Matfer Bourgeat USA offers a selective range of the larger European catalogue offerings, CulinaryCookware.com will special order any of the Matfer Group of Companies products as needed (minimums apply) through the US offices.

We speak directly with Matfer USA daily.

2.) Who are the Matfer Bourgeat Group of Companies?

Matfer Bourgeat Inc. is a group best known by the finest European establishments and a growing base of enthusiasts in the United States.


The finest culinary arts programs countrywide and restaurants including customers, The Four Seasons, The Shangri-La  Group, The Culinary Institute Le Notre, and the notable Culinary Institute of America value these quality products from this 200 year old company.

The expertise of the group MATFER BOURGEAT is recognized in France and abroad. The 2 factories are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The products and designs are compliant with standards on food hygiene International (NSF, NF Food Hygiene) ensuring the implementation of HACCP procedures.

The Group consists of several companies, each with their own specialization which as a whole serves to meet the needs of any restaurant, hotel or commercial project in the world.

 In 2001, Bourgeat merged with Matfer, creating the Matfer-Bourgeat Group. Since then, a range of more than 10,000 products is offered to catering, bakery and confectionery trades. Today, Bourgeat bakeware, cookware and utensils remained highly respected in the restaurant and professional cooking arenas. All their products have adapted to new methods and regulations of food preparation, making their entire line state-of-the art.

Matfer Bourgeat is a manufacturer and supplier of many of their own manufactured goods however, Matfer Bourgeat only manufactures a small portion of the items that they sell.

Any items on the website that are denoted with the (Matfer Bourgeat) tag are sold by and included in the Matfer Bourgeat USA catalog and do not denote the manufacture by Matfer – items that are prefixed with the Matfer or Bourgeat name are manufactured by Matfer or Bourgeat.

Examples of Matfer or Bourgeat manufactured item: name as a prefix:

Matfer Prep Chef - Base Only  (Matfer Bourgeat)

Bourgeat Copper

MATFER - Created in 1814, MATFER has never ceased to design, develop and manufacture small equipment for the hospitality industry. Established in the middle of Normandy (FRANCE), our manufacturing plants have always perfectly associated tradition and innovation throughout the years. 

Selected by chefs from all around the world, MATFER is reckoned for the quality of its products, the depth of its ranges and the quality of its service, MATFER is the international reference in the universe of pastry, bakery and catering. 

BOURGEAT - is a French manufacturer of professional kitchen utensils and cookware which offers a complete range of catering equipment and utensils in all metals, shapes and sizes.. Bourgeat offer a wide range of heavy duty commercial pans, lids, woks, frypans, saute pans, saucepans, non-stick, stock pots, butter warmers, roasting trays, aluminum baking trays, gastronorm pans, racking trolleys, charged plate storage racks.

Most notably the Gastroflex Molds and Cookware Lines of Stainless Steel and Copperware

Since its 1918 incorporation in France by Adrien Bourgeat, Bourgeat has become the leading French manufacturer of kitchen and catering equipment for professionals. Although the company began by manufacturing kitchen utensils, today Bourgeat creates and manufactures a very large range of cookware and food storage items.

MATFER BOURGEAT INTERNATIONAL - Organized around the entire group of companies and affiliates MATFER BOURGEAT the Group is present everywhere in the world and on every continent.


3.) Why buy Matfer Bourgeat products?

Matfer Bourgeat makes and distributes some of the finest products in the world backed by a 200 year history. Matfer celebrates it's 200th year in 2014 and it's 25th year in the USA.

Matfer Bourgeat reviews shows the highest marks for cookware, kitchen tools and all offerings from their extensive catalogue as well as the accolades from the finest restaurants around the world.

As a Master Distributor of these products, the staff at CulinaryCookware.com has years of experience supplying and servicing all sizes of projects with this great product line.

Matfer also supplements it’s own manufactured products with other well known quality products from names like Imperia, Breville, Santos, Westmark, Sasa Demarle, Bron Coucke, Louis Tellier France, Silikomart, Guison, Martelatto, Flexipan, Silform and Giesser Messer


4.) Is Matfer Bourgeat made for home users?

Actually - No,

Matfer Bourgeat products are made for commercial hotel and restaurants but we are happy to offer the home user and chef d’maison the entire line as well.

Warning: Remember that commercial goods are built to last in high output situations, you may have to give these items to your Grandchildren.

These are not display products, these are commercial working products, some of which are hand crafted (copperware) – as a result, imperfections that do not affect the correct function of the item are not unexpected.


If we can be of any service to you, please feel free to contact us, our primary contact for questions and inquiries is via email



or through our toll free number:

1-800-305-5415 (In North America)

Some cellular phone providers do not support 800 services.

519 858-0806 if toll free unavailable

Please Note:

All Goods Ship Directly From The Matfer Bourgeat USA Warehouse Located in Van Nuys, California or other suppliers located throughout the USA