Matfer Bourgeat Non Stick Cookware

MATFER BOURGEAT Non Stick Cookware

  • The non-stick interior from Bourgeat is built to last 20 times the life of ordinary utensils. The pans begin with an 8mm thick ground aluminum base for perfect heat diffusion. The base of the non-stick surface is heat fused ceramic reinforced with titanium. It is then fused with the body. The handles are the traditional riveted cast iron Some manufacturers of plain (not hard anodized) nonstick aluminum offer cookware with dimpled or textured interiors. Some claim the pattern or texture protects against utensil abrasion and provides extra nonstick durability. Though the small portion of the nonstick in the recessed areas might be protected, this is not sufficient to keep food from sticking in the pan once the non-protected area is removed through abrasion. The base of many nonstick aluminum pans has a silk-screened design to create consumer appeal. Some manufacturers claim multi-layers improve cooking performance through better heat distribution. Though some colors, for example black, will absorb heat faster and in multi-layers may conduct heat infinitesimally better, there is no noticeable cooking improvement. Sorry, but these claims are only "marketing hype." Remember, the primary factor in determining cooking performance is the thickness of the pan - a clear indication of high quality cookware

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