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Pal-Patissier Refractometer (Matfer Bourgeat)

Pal-Patissier Refractometer: Very Easy To Use. - Double Brix/Baume scale. - Digital Readout In Less Than 3 seconds. - Can Be Used To Precisely Monitor sugar Content In sorbet, Ice Cream, Jam, Jelly. - Measurement Range: 0 To 85% Brix, 0 To 45 Ba
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PAL-PATISSIER REFRACTOMETER: Double Brix/Baume scale. PAL-PATISSIER REFRACTOMETER: Double Brix/Baume scale. 250130

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The Pal-Patissier Refractometer from Matfer Bourgeat is an essential tool for pastry chefs, pastry hobbyists, and other candy professionals. It’s accurate to within 0.2° Brix, allowing you to easily and precisely measure sugar levels in your creation and create perfect pastries every time.


  • PAL-PATISSIER REFRACTOMETER: Very easy to use. - Double Brix/Baume scale. - Digital readout in less than 3 seconds. - Can be used to precisely monitor sugar content in sorbet, ice cream, jam, jelly. - Measurement range: 0 to 85% Brix, 0 to 45 Baume. - Precision: ± 0.2% Brix, ± 1 Baume. - Measurement temperature: 10 C to 40 C.

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