" /> Matfer Bourgeat Spiral Whisk w/ Exoglass®® Handle

Spiral Whisk with Exoglass Handle (Matfer Bourgeat)

Spiral Whisk 13 3/8 In.: 13 3/8 X 6 2/3
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SPIRAL WHISK 13 3/8 in.: 13 3/8 x 6 2/3 SPIRAL WHISK 13 3/8 in.: 13 3/8 x 6 2/3 111055

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The Matfer Spiral Whisk incorporates the functional design and durability famous in Matfer Bourgeat Piano Whisk combined with an innovative, hinged flat-head design. Its proprietary Exoglass handle is 11.5” long and heat resistant to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, featuring a flared pommel to prevent the whisk from slipping into pots. The hinged whisk head is made of stainless steel with a removable coil for easy cleaning. At a diameter of 3 ½”, the whisk head ensures constant contact with the bottom of the pot, allowing precise control over delicate incorporations like pâte de fruit or crème patissiére.


  • SPIRAL WHISK 13 3/8": 13 3/8 x 6 2/3
  • Automatic limited Lifetime Warranty guaranteed by Matfer Bourgeat USA
  • NSF Certified and Dishwasher safe


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